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Re: TQC Stats & trivia

Hi Glen,
>  Anyone know who has the lone '86 or what its VIN is?
>  Does it have the (ugh) digital dash?

I don't know who has the car, but I have heard it is in the
Pacific NW, and it is white or pearl white. Haven't heard
about the VIN or the dash.

>  I have heard from someone that knows VWs that
>  there are "several" USA-spec '86 and '87 ur-Qs in the
>  states that were "re-VINd" earlier model leftovers.
>  Is there any truth to this assertion?

Haven't come across this information before. Canada is
listed as having 5 MY 86's imported.

>  My '85 was manufactured 1/85 and has VIN 635.
>  Anyone know of a later USA-spec VIN ur-Q?

Yup. The latest one I have seen was an 85 in the Denver
area. I had an offer on the car, but it never came together.
It's lhasa green with grey leather, production was dated
7/85 and the VIN was 1135. It was a US spec car that had
european delivery, then sent to Abt for full Stage 3 conversion.
I was very much taken by the color combination and am
reproducing it on the resoration of my 83.

>  Also, my '85 has a pair of rubber straps to secure the
>  jack and toolkit behind the spare tire. It also has a
>  pair of these same straps along the rear-most
>  portion of the trunk (boot) floor, immediately ahead
>  of the trunk latch, about 1 1/2 feet apart. What are
>  these for? A Germany-only-required first aid kit?
>  A snap-in spoiler for the sunroof?   ???

I too have the rubber straps for the jack and toolkit
behind the spare. I also have the straps on the rear trunk
floor. Not sure what the original use was, but I use 'em to hold
the jumper cables in place.

Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com
86 coupe GT
83 TQC