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Re: FYI Stunning Prices

> Now the bad news. I am trying to find a roof rack for my '89 200QTW. Yakima
> doesn't make one (despite that I've already purcha$ed  two separate sets from
> them for other cars) and they don't intend to soon. I even have a relative on
> the Board of Directors. Big so what. Anycase, Audi racks look bitchin on
> wagons, as evidence on the RS2. So, I ASSuMEd that an OEM rack would be
> inexpensive. WRONG. The rack; two long "handles" that run the length of the
> gutters are $439.15. OUCH! The cool (aka desirable) feature is that they
> don't have to be drilled.
Thule makes a set of rails that attach to the roof rack on the Quattro Avant.
I bought mine on sale at a place called Whole Earth Access (on sale) for some-
where around $135.  This gets you the rails but nothing to attach a bicycle
or canoe, skis, whatever.  I bought some adapter clips that allow attachment
of Yakima accessories to the Thule rack.  If you need more info I can look
up the number at home, but if you go into a place that carries Thule you 
should be able to find your car in the book ... The thing that is nice about 
the Thule is that the locks are included with the rails ... you don't have 
to pay extra to lock your rack.  They are pretty easy to install and remove 
as well.
> PS what does UR Quattro mean? Euro? Sorry for my ignorance
ur-quattro means original quattro, i.e. the quattro turbo coupe.

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)