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Re: ESPN, Stuck, and Lotus

>Was there another AUDI promotional film called "The Unfair Advantage"?
>Or did I get my Hans Stuck quote from "The Secrets of Speed" and just 
>forget the title?  Anyway, here is the story as it appeared in the film:
>I can't remember what kind of race, but I think it was IMSA.  Stuck was 
>talking to the camera about a move he was forced to make.  Here is my 
>paraphrase.  The only part that is word-for-word is the quote above, as I 
>made a point to remember it!

The Show is one and the same, the full title is "The Secrets of speed; 
Audi, The Unfair Advantage" The race that you are thinking of was the 
SCCA Trans-am Race at Mid-Ohio, I was five cars back from Hans when he 
hit Wally Dallenbach, That was pretty much the last time I saw Hans that 
race (Until of course he lapped me.... )  The really cool thing about 
Hans is whenever he passes you and you help him out (Like by not trying 
to block) he always waves and gives you a thumbs up!  He also has this 
annoying habbit of using his turn signals......


Eric Fletcher

STEADI RIC@aol.com