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Re: Dino Juice

*** Resending note of 10/03/95 15:28
From: Jim Fease
      Maplewood, MN
Subject: Re: Dino Juice
>>that my oil consumption would go up. That's the only place it can
>>go. :-) Does anyone else agree or should I shell out the clams to make
>>by feeble 4K a little more comfortable with the Dino-imposters?
>I guess if the engine does consume (or leak), it maybe possible that
>putting synth oil into it will get worse. The bad thing is not that if
>your engine will eat more oil, but more like if you're willing to pay all
>those extra bottles of synth oil.
Thanks for the info. I just may try a dose.
BTW, You might want to look closer to the post. You and everyone else
who responded thought my oil consumption was high. It's the opposite
(thus the smily). The only way my consumption can go is up. Sorry for the
confusing post.
'84 4KSQ - 160K Not pretty, but a gas to drive!
Keep the shiny side up...