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Re: Dino Juice

In a message dated 95-10-03 12:13:35 EDT, you write:

>I've heard that on high mile cars (like mine) that I shouldn't use
>Synthetic oils, but to go with the regular Dino juice instead. They said
>that my oil consumption would go up. That's the only place it can
>go. :-) Does anyone else agree or should I shell out the clams to make
>by feeble 4K a little more comfortable with the Dino-imposters?

Not true if you use the same viscosity (weight) oils.  Yes, the synthetics
tend to clean the inside of the engine better, but the old folk tales about
seals starting to leak, etc., are untrue.  If your engine is using oil, stick
with good dino cause it's cheaper.  If it's strong, synthetic will only
prolong the life of the engine and save you lots of money.
I'm a strong advocate of Amsoil and if you use it, I'd recommend a filter
change and top off the oil at 3k miles just to get as much dirt out as