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Re: S6 Pricing

> > Well, the "luxury" tax is actually a selling point to some  
> >  snooty customers. But what's called the luxury tax is actually
> >  the Gas Guzzler Tax.
> Actually, it IS a luxury tax - it's a 10% surcharge on the purchase price of
> automobiles, boats, airplanes (and probably luxury trains and zeppelins) over
> $30k.  A $45k car has a tax of 45k-30k=15k X 10% = $1500.
> This explains all the cars that list for $29,999.

Yes, the luxury tax is independent of gas guzzler tax, although there's a 
tendency that one (gas guzzler) follows the other (luxury). You can have 
luxury without the gas guzzler, or gas guzzler without the luxury tax. 
ALthough I must say I haven't seen the latter, and I certainly cannot see 
how this tax thing become a selling point (wait... I must be in the 
U.S.! Heck, I live in the "Tax Me State").

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