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Re: 20v bump to 2.5L / extrude hone

Brooks Ellis said:
> I am still (geez, doesn't this guy ever get a clue?) deciding what 
>car to trade in me 100 Q for.. I am pretty set on getting a 200TQ, then  
>putting in the IA stage I chip. Then I wonder the feasablility of the 
>2.5liter conversion, and getting it extrude honed. ? It would sound like 
>this would make it pretty fast.
>   Then, I was hit with the idea to do the 2.5L conversion and extrude 
>hone to a 20v coupe Q. What kind of performance could I expect from this? 
>How much would it cost? I assume you can do this to a 20v, but I am not 

Now here's an even better idea:

Put the motor from a 200 or an s4 into a coupe quattro.  And do dthe 2.5 liter conversion.

Just havin' s2 dreams...

As a coupequattro owner, I have looked into hp upgrades.  Either upgrade that your talking about will cost big denaros.  As soon as the motor is opened the cost goes up.I don't have any real figures, but a while ago, someone on the list said that Ned had dropped a turbo motor (20v?) into a Coupe Q for a customer.  The bill was something like $10k!

Just ask Glen Powell, who is doing some major motor work if you want some realistic cost data.

Peter Schulz
1990 Coupe Q

More power, Igor!!  We need more power!  (apologies to STEADIRIC)