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Re: Extrude Hone (actually: injection types)

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  Almost the same. I think the bimmer has multiport injection, a dry
  intake, with multiple throttles, yet another variation. You really need
  the individual-cylinder mixture control capability to meet today's tough
  emissions standards. Now just add fly-by-wire CPU control of each
  individual throttle position and you really have complexity!


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Hairy green toads from Mars made Glen Powell say:

>   There are
>   variations on this theme, you could have multiple throttlebody injectors
>   and throttle bodies for each cylinder, this would be multi-throttlebody
>   injection and the manifold would be wet and would still have the
>   possibility of individual cylinder mixture control.

This is what my friend's M5 does; 6 throttle bodies, each with its
own fuel injection port. It always seemed like way too much hardware
for my liking. But the paint sure looks nice :-)

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