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'88 5ks For sale

1988 Audi 5000S - 92k, 5 speed, new timing belt, just tuned up with new 
fluids, cap, rotor, Bosch Tri-electrode plugs, accessory belts.
All the usual features: pw, p s/r, pdl, a/c: everything works.  20Wx4 Kenwood 
cassette with Dolby B/C.  Silver blue metallic with dark blue velour interior.
No PA/rack/pump problems.  I replaced the donut spare with a full-size spare.

Car is mechanically and cosmetically perfect inside and out!!  
I live in Easton, PA and work in Bridgewater, NJ so car can be seen either 
place.    $4500.

Steve Jagernauth			'74 911/3.0l Bahama Blue 
sjagernauth@attmail.com   		'87 951 Pearl Black   (**FOR SALE**)
(908) 658-8289 Work	  		'87 Audi 5KCST & '88 Audi 5Ks