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Re: old list address?

I am sending a copy of this to the owner of the lists and SCCA site at 
triumph.  This is not a site owned by SCCA, but by an autocross and 
british-car dugan.  He is a very busy guy, but should get around to fixing 
this eventually.

quattro@coimbra.ans.net is the posting address for quattro
majordomo@coimbra.ans.net is the address for subscribe/unsubscribe

On 4 Oct 1995 glen.powell@smc.com wrote:

>   I found a reference to the quattro list at
>   quattro-request@aries.east.sun.com on a server I found through SCCA's
>   homepage: triumph.cs.utah.edu/othermail.html .  Is this the old, obsolete
>   Quattro list address? Should someone (Dan?) try to get it updated? Also,
>   I think we should have a hotlink to one of the cool Quattro homepages
>   there.....