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Re: 1987 audi 4000

On Wed, 4 Oct 1995, parm mattu wrote:

> I need help.  When starting my audi, it does not hold idle very strong
> It also makes a clicking noise.  However, upon warming up, the idle returns to normal.
> No mechanic can fix it or determine cause of problem.Suggestions??

  Sounds like a similar problem to one I had in my 4000.  I found it lay with
 the idle stabilisation valve. This is a little black cylindrical thing near
 the front bulkhead and at the opposite side of the engine to the radiator.
 it has some concertina type tubes and an electrical connection on it.
  When the symptom happens try tapping it if the fault stops then a temporary
 fix is to clean it and lubricate the interior with release oil. You will
 need to replace it soon.