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Re: Normal Oil Pressure

Hairy green toads from Mars made T_BROWN@nise-p.nosc.mil say:

>         Does anyone know what is considered normal oil pressure in a 5 
>      cylinder Audi?.  My 86 Coupe GT reads 4.5 to 5 bar at idle.  Any RPM 
>      above idle pegs the gauge.  I never thought too much about it since 
>      the gauge has read this way since the day I drove it out of the 
>      showroom.  A friend of mine is having her Firebird "fixed" because of 
>      the same indication and now it has me wondering.

My '89 100Q reads about 5 bar at idle when cold. Revving pegs it.
When the oil is warm, it reads about 1.5 bar at idle, revving
moves it to about 4.5 bar.

These are all a little higher with fresh, thicker oil, and a little
lower with old, thinner oil.

My wife's '90 90Q20V reads about the same, maybe a little higher
at idle.

Every kind of car is different about oil pressure. The Firebird's
design has nothing to do with the Audi's design. A friend had a
police-issue New Yorker that read 80-90 pounds (6-7 bar) at idle
when hot.


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