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"Mikey goes on a field Trip"


I'm kinda gonna address your question here too........

>I am interested in buying a 200TQ, but I don't know much about this model.
>could someone fill me in on what to look for?
>Jon Meckem meck@hutton.net

Your probably wondering what the heck is he talking about.... :-)

Tomorow morning I'm going to "Brooktree Auto", some of you know them
as the "Audi Toyland" :-)

My wife and I are going to test drive an 89 200TQ, a 91 200TQ and 
a V8.  :-):-):-):-) you get the idea.....

ok Jon,  I don't have a turbo at the moment but in general anything
hydraulic is the first thing you look at, PS pump, PS rack....

Next thing is try everything electrical, even the cigarette lighter
in the back.  An 88 5000s Wagon we looked at last year blew 3 fuses
and killed everything electrical, except the engine that kept running
when my wife hit the cigarette lighter in the back.  I wiggled the
fuse box and everything worked again.  We passed on that one. :-)
to bad too, it was a california car in great shape......

Check A/C controls.....

Check the Delta radio.....

I've seen some real good lists from other people for things to check.
If has anything please e-mail it to me,  I'd like to bring kind of
a checklist tomorow if I can.

Thanks Everybody for listening! :-)

Mike L,
89 100 Sedan FOR SALE :-)
89 100 Avant (bought this instead of the 88 5000s Avant....)