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re:"Mikey goes on a field Trip"

Mike and Jon,

	If memory from other posts I've read here in the list serves me right,
one of those year is not as easily techno-hopped up as the other for the 200TQ.
I THINK the earlier car has lower initial compression and can therefore handle
more boost, but the later model I BELIEVE has the 20V motor, but higher initial
compression. One or maybe both of these has the much praised amongst the 
techno-rodders two-piece exhaust manifold.

	Anyways, have fun at Brooktree Mike, if Dennis Shea is still there say
"Hi" to him for me, he sold me my '87 5KCSTQ a few years back, still runnin'
well with a minimum of the usual problems.

					Have fun and happy Quattro hunting!