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Re: Normal Oil Pressure

When considering oil pressure, I have found that Mobil 1 products don't hold
pressure very well. I have used Amsoil products for quite a while now, and
from all the research I've done, they are the best overall (at least at the
very top). Prior to Amsoil, I tried using Mobil 1 exclusively, and it was too
thin and tended to leak around the oil filler cap on one of my cars. I put in
the Amsoil, and never had a problem. Also, I was stuck once (I was "down" one
quart and had to put in something other than Amsoil) and I put in a quart of
Mobil 1. Well, I noticed the oil pressure was not up to where it was with
just the Amsoil. The Mobil 1 seemed to thin out my Amsoil, and as a result,
there was lower oil pressure noted. Needless to say, I don't recommend Mobil
1. I think it is just another example of a big corporation with a big
advertising budget leading people to believe they have a superior product.
Like Goodyear... but that's another story....
Morale of the story - consider other synthetics!