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'87 5KCSTQ for sale

I am selling a 1987 5000CS Turbo Quattro w/110K miles on it.  My brother 
purchased the car two years ago (because he liked mine so well, I own an 
identical car).  It had 92K miles on it at that time.  He has 2 other cars, so 
he only put 20K on it in 2 years.  The car has a gold exterior, 2-tone leather 
interior, chocolate brown/beige.  The following items have been replaced in the 
2 years since he's had it.

- both front struts
- power-steering pump
- radiator fan
- starter
- timing belt and water pump
- all drive belts
- front brake rotors
- battery

The car is very clean and runs very well, no rust, no major dents ( just a few 
door dings).  The only things that I have noticed is that the heat shield 
rattles on the catalytic converter and one of the valve lifters is noisy.  The 
radio is missing.  He had a $2000 sound system in the car and he had it taken 
out, problem is that the installer had discarded the original radio ( it didn't 
work).  The driver's heated seat is not working, it's probably the heating pad.

If anyone is interested, he's asking $4300.  BTW, he has alot of receipts on 
the car, including some from the original owner.  The car was purchased 
originally at Manhattan Audi in Rockville, MD (now called Rockville Audi