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Fixed!!! That wacky Speedo :-)

Hi Everybody,

I've found yet another problem that causes the speedo to pulse between 

On my 89 100 Sedan, the speedo started pulsing again this week and the 
windshield cracked.... again :-(   I think my Audi knows its up For Sale
and Aint likin it. :-)

Anyway, I took the gauge cluster out, swapped the cluster in from the wifes
89 100 Wagon :-),  speedo works.  So now I know its in the cluster......
pulled the speedo out of the sedans cluster.  There are 4 pins that connect
the speedo gauge to the main cluster.  All four had visible black marks 
where they should have had clean contact.  Got out the ol' sandpaper 
cleaned up the contacts put it all back together and wallah, no more 
pulsing speedo!!!! works good as new! :-)

I've had windshields crack before,  I always thought it was drastic 
change in temperature that did it.  But this time it was raining when I got
back from lunch.  When I got back in after work it was still raining, but there
was a 12-15" crack 3/4 of the way up on the drivers side post, coming down
about a 30 degree angle.  I have no idea why it cracked.  No signs of a rock
or anything that might have caused this.

Anybody have any ideas ?  If there is some way to avoid this,  I'd like to save
my $250.- deductable everytime this happens.......  This is the fourth time in
2 cars now. :-(

Mike L,