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Re: FYI Stunning Prices

 >   Audi parts expensive...No way..really?
 >   I just bought a Power Steering hose for my 1990 V8. It's a
 >   two foot hose that goes from the PS pump to the accumulator
 >   (hand granade) and it cost me $280.00 !! List on  this piece
 >   of rubber is over $340.00!  You want to drive like a sport..
 >   I guess you have to pay like a sport.

 JF> I read this with interest.  My 90 V8 arrived on tuesday & was promptly
 JF> taken into dealer for perusal. We put it straight up on hoist &
 JF> started looking around. Jim the mechanic pointed out the hose and
 JF> commented that he had replaced it on a V8 last week. he went on to say
 JF> that it is common for the rest of the hoses to fail shorty after one
 JF> has been replaced. So much so that they order a full set rather than
 JF> having to wait when the next hose goes.

 JF> Given the ludicrous prices from Audi, has anyone tried to replace the
 JF> hoses with ones from a hydraulic hose specialist?

   Welcome to the V8 club.  I changed the hose today, and inspected
   the old hose. Seems that it didn't have a specific leak, just
   got porous over time. However, I doubt that any other hoses 
   will be going soon. (I'm hoping to convince myself here.)
   They don't operate under the same pressure. The reservoir hose
   isn't that expensive (for Audi anyway), it's $89.00. 

   I also noticed some small pieces of black rubber inside the 
   screen of the banjo bolt...a sure sign of deterioration.

   So far, since buying the car in August, I've changed the oil,
   ($20 oil filter..joy oh joy), done the PS hose, fixed a
   problem with the automatic stop on the headlamp wipers, 
   did a radio swap (Audi dealer didn't charge the usual $85 because
   the radio wouldn't take any code) and I ordered the repair manual 
   on micro fiche. (The fiche has been on backorder since August.)

   I'm going to do the following as soon as I get the fiche:
   Change the drive (fan) belt.
   Change the timing belt.
   Check the Tranny Fluid.
   Replace a not too bad, but getting there, motor mount.
   Replace the two cracked black molding pieces between 
          the rear door and glass.
   Change all 4 Dunlops for some decent tires. (Any suggestions?)
   Change the tranny fluid, differential oils, and brake fluid.

   I do all my own work, and did my teething on my 5000S, which
   kind of prepares one to tackle the mighty V8.

   What did "Jim" discover when he inspected your car? I'd really
   be interested in knowing so that I can keep an eye out for
   potential weak spots. I did have the PS hose on my 5000S
   fabricated by a local AC specialist shop, but I had to 
   cut the banjo fittings and reweld them to new standard
   crimp fittings. It was a pain, and the hose began seeping
   after two years, so I just bit the bullet and bought 
   OEM on this one.


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