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Triples for the V8

>Re: triple electrode plugs
>The triple electrode plugs (for the 2.8L V6) do not look like your ordinary
>plug. Instead of having one ground electrode that bends over the center
>electrode, there are three that come from the sides and create three "gaps"
>on the side of the center electrode.  The tip of the center electrode is
>exposed to the combustion chamber. I am guessing that instead of just one
>spark/flame front, there are three created when it fires, ending in much
>better combustion. I was told to not use anything else in this car with this
>engine. The people I spoke to said that when other plugs have been tried, the
>car did not run right. I took his advice. My car runs beautifully.
>I bought mine from a mail order company, but I think they are a regular
>stocking item at the dealer. (I was buying a K&N filter from this company, so
>I ordered the plugs also); I bought them from Strano's (68 White St.,
>Brookville, PA 15825; 1-800-729-1831) for
>$4.32 apiece. (Mine were part #F6DTC-1); You'll have to check whether they
>make them for the 5KCST and if they are recommended.
>Good luck! Keep it under 90!
>Jim Griffin    ----- JGRIFFJ@AOL.COM

Name: Paul Rivera
E-mail: rivera@rivera.com (Paul Rivera)
Date: 04/19/95
Time: 09:47:24

This message was sent by Chameleon 
I am running Triple Electrode NGK's in my V8 (same one used in the new A8)
and they are terrific. 1990-91 V8's suffer from Throttle hickups reprtedly
due to the single Oxygen Sensor (I understand that 92's went to duals)
and incomplete combustion.  Audi's fix was the Triple Electrode Plugs and 
replacing the Oxy Sensor often.

In my 875KCSTQ they were awesome.  Worlds worst plug: Bosch Platinums, as I have 
not found a car that they work well in.