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Re: BE CAREFUL!, getting even?

Story about obnoxious trucker deleted.

o Any suggestions on how to deal with such situations?  I pondered a few very
o crude options (like going to the trucking company after hours and welding 
o all their doors shut) but would be interested in something more timely,
o creative, and likely to convey a more permanent (even legal :)) message.
o BTW:  The cab belonged to **SCHUMAKER TRUCKING** and had Ohio Plates **T479YE**
o and was last seen exiting I-90 at Syracuse.


Short of the obvious (to the highway occupants in CA or so I've heard) go 
after him with a gun type response, I'd suggest a phone call and/or 
letter to the general manager at Shumaker Trucking detailing your 
experience and the identity of the truck involved along with pertinent 
details like when and where, etc.  Perhaps copies to the Interstate 
Commerce Commission or DOT?

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