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tires for American boat


I apologize for the distinctly non-Audi content of the following question,
but I am hoping for some of the excellent advice I have become accustomed
to seeing.

I am planning to edge my mother in the direction of a Quattro, but it is
too early to expect that to happen this year.  She is about to move to
Montreal, Canada which as you may know would be a great place to enjoy a
Quattro's traction.  She likes her current American boat, a Buick Lesabre
(early 90's front drive), but I am concerned with her moving into an area
with such bad winters.  I have suggested that she get 4 more wheels and
good snow tires.

There was a recent thread about snow tires, with recommendations for such
tires as the Pirelli 210.  What recommendations would any of you have for
such a car?  The priority is traction and braking in wet, icy and snowy
conditions.  Thanks.

Richard Funnell, OES
tel. (408) 992-2265
fax. (408) 746-7633