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Re: triple electrode plugs

In a message dated 95-10-09 13:33:31 EDT, you write:

>one of these can be expected to. These plugs were a marked improvement over
>splitfires that were in it when I bought it; car required about 2-3 sec. of 
>cranking to light and ran poorly until it warmed up. The Japanese platinums
>cured all these problems. The mailorder place I bought them from goofed and
>sent me a set one heat range too cool, but they still work fine and don't
>The 1 range too cool might come in handy when I upgrade to IA's stage II box
>and spring :~) If I ever wear these things out I'll try a set of the
NO ON THE PLATINUMS......  Run 5 PLATINS from Bosch (S4 app).....  If you
don't want to pay the bucks for those, run the Bosch Copper 7's........
 Forget the Tri-s, the Platinums, or the spitfires.........   And Ned will
agree with this post WOQ