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Re: BE CAREFUL!, getting even?

At 11:25 AM 10/10/95 -0400, you wrote:
>Greetings Tom, fellow Q-heads,
>> >While eastbbound on the
>> >NYS Thruway this past Wednesday, a tractor-trailer took exception to my car
>> >('88 5000tq) occupying space in front of him on the interstate.  So he
>> >flashing his high-beams, starts to pass, pulls up along side, then chooses
>> >to merge while still along side my car, forcing me onto the shoulder.
>> >Weeeee.
>> >Any suggestions on how to deal with such situations?  
>> Just don't let 'em pass you........I was heading westbound on the Mass Pike
>> and a truck was riding my ass real close......I got him on an uphill.....

>(ahem...) Tom, old rutabega, the question was "What TO do," not "what
*NEVER* to
>Tom, old kumquat, Yer Kindly ol' Unka Bart doesn't want to say anything that 
>could be construed as an actual "flame," but alas, it is so difficult to find  
>polite words to convey strongly enough how seriously stupi... er, "Flawed"
>bit of adice is.  We all know yer jest funnin', but some poor newbie might
>this and think you wuz serious...

Unka Bart and I are showing our age.  My original reply went to the sender
and said somewhat the same. In my youth I considered it a challenge to 
maintain the road and steam would spout from my ears if some clod would 
put me in any danger.  Foolhardy. 

Now I realize I share the road with gun toting amphetamine addicted
tank drivers who have a significantly large chance of offing themselves
one night in their cab outside of some one horse town.  They are not going 
to care about running some law abider  off the road, plus with their 
communication system if they don't finish you off, some other
trucker will.  Odds are he'll probably jacknife one rainy night and take out 
a row of tollbooths.  Its Car-ma. He'll get his, be thankful you didn't
get yours.

jim h