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Re: BE CAREFUL!, getting even?


> Leaving aside,for a moment the mace bit, I suggest that you ponder the physics
> involved (F=MA, where F=force, M=mass, and a=acceleration.)  Now ponder the 
> relative mass of your vehicle and family, and that of the 18 wheeler.  You may
> well feel justified in your actions.  Does the phrase "dead right" ring any 
> bells?

---------  -\_       ___
|________||___|     /___\ 
oo     oo     o     o   o
-------->  75mph    ----> 75mph

I'm quite familiar with the equation, and I am also quite familiar with the
fact that trucks do not accelerate instantaneously.......therefore the equation
above would only yield a sizable problem if the vehicle in front of it decided
to instantaneously stop......   unless you have an extremely incapable auto
(like the Mustang GT Bob D'Amato blew away in his 20V), it's strictly up to you
how close you want that truck to get to you....... I was alone in my car,
so I didn't have to worry about my family (If they were there, I would have
just ditched him they way the roadrunner ditches the coyote)

This subject is getting old..........there's a better chance that a truck will
slam into someone sitting at a toll booth than catching me from behind....

Tom Leveckis