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Re: Amsoil

In a message dated 95-10-10 01:19:56 EDT, you write:

>>> Yes, I just signed up as a dealer two weeks ago, so I have a vested
>I don't mind when people mentions something in replies, but I think this 
>is going little bit too far. FOr one thing, this list exists for the sake 
>of Audi automobiles, and not a place for free advertising of service or 
>products. I thought one of the reasons the people on the list agreed to 
>have the list not becoming a public news group is that we don't get any 
>so-called "junks" posted. And I'm having this nagging feeling that some 
>people are just getting a bit too granted about this list group and 
>forgetting its original purpose.

I don't have a vested interest in recommending great products/services to
anyone in this group. So, I do feel that if someone has had great
luck/experience with certain products, why not tell the rest of the group so
that we may benefit?  Many questions in this group request feedback re:
experiences with certain products (i.e. spark plugs, tires, air filters,
etc..). We all can spout off re: horror stories about this.... horror stories
about that....; I was under the impression that that is one of the benefits
to this group; learning from others so as to avoid the same mistake.
Obviously, everyone is an adult that can make up his/her own mind, and should
when considering specific product recommendations. Without this type of
discussion, what else would we talk about? How great our cars are? We KNOW
that already... we need to share common ground to make the experience all
that much better.  

I do agree that we don't want this to become a public billboard for product
sponsors and/or vendors. That's the last thing I want to see. I don't need
salesmen pitching me something here. I absolutely agree. But to discourage
general discussion re: specific products, we would be doing ourselves a great
disservice.  So, vendors and salesmen, GO HOME (if you are selling something
here - you're not welcome); but please, as a group, let's continue to benefit
from each other, regardless.

Anyone else agree? Am I totally "off-base"? (Honge - I hope you agree; I'm
with you on this!)

'Til we meet again........

Jim Griffin ---- jgriffj@aol.com