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Re: Brainerd QCUSA Event

In a message dated 95-10-11 15:08:54 EDT, you write:

>>S4 - plethora                               911 SC - 1
>>V8's - a few                                 90cq - 2
>>5k/200 - majority                          4kq - see v8
>>                                           ^^^^^^^^^^^^
>                                            ^^^^^^^^^^^^
>Could you or someone else elaborate on this? 
>I'd really like tech details. e.g. fitting radiator, exhaust, clearing the
>brake MC and does VDO make an 8cyl tach to replace the 5cyl model? 
See v8 as in a few v8's and a few 4kq's not 4kq's with v8's........  Sorry
Bruce, no-one has done that one yet......  I did have a lengthy discussion on
the possibility of two S4 turbos onto a v8 engine, not as hard as one would