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Re: Power antenna

   My experience is there is no need to get a Bosch antenna. A complete, new
   $60 (approx, depending on features) Harada power antenna will work just as
   well. I put one on my 85 4k and the only adjustment I had to make was the
   size of the hole. These antennas come standard on Toyotas and Hondas, so
   they should be allright. Of course, if you feel the need for Teutonic
   parts, you can pay a lot more.

A $14 "Generic" plain ole antenna (GM "F"-Body?) works superbly, and fits
the stock hole (in my 'UrQ). Had to finagle the wire/connection, which was
an interesting experience, given the bizarre wire "They" use.

Of course, I'm running a Denon head unit, having long ago given up on
anything German electronic . . .