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Re: A8 everywhere but US?

On 10 Oct 95 at 9:48, Bob Kunz wrote:

> I asked him about the possibility of the A8 coming to the US. Any
> clues on whether Audi will import these cars? What I saw in the ad
Quote from Car and Driver:
   The A8 aluminum-bodied V-8 flagship finally comes to the U.S. in 

> Of other interest was the numerous Audi 100's in Beijing. But then
> the local people we were working with indicated that there is a plant
> located near Beijing and one can actually find "knock-off" Audi's on
> the road. Gee, I wonder what's under the sheet metal.
Several months ago I read about Chinese knock-offs of Jeep Grand 
Wagoneers.  Supposedly they're pieces of junk underneath the 
sheetmetal.  Can you imagine living with such slack trademark laws?  
It seems awfully bizarre to me.
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