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Re: 1985 Coupe GT (classic)

        What future classic list is that?  Dubious claim.  Several years 
     ago a friend of mine was told by a dealer the same thing when he paid 
     well over invoice for a first year IROC Camaro.  GM only made 44 
     bazillion of those.  Beware of any "future classic" claim.  The Coupe 
     GT was certainly exported in very few numbers.  The GT was considered 
     ugly by most Europeans and was priced close enough to the 5K that Audi 
     wasn't too interested in manufacturing too many for export.
        Comparatively speaking there were a lot fewer Coupes manufactured 
     than Corvairs for instance.  There were a lot more produced than say 
     Triumph Stags.  Based on numbers alone neither of those cars are worth 
     much as "classic" cars.  I would think that if you had an '85 to '87 
     Quattro Coupe it might be something fairly unique.  I'm not sure they 
     even exported those to the US during this period.
                                                                Tom Brown