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Re: Ignition Switch

On Thu, 12 Oct 1995, Bob D'Amato wrote:

> My 90 learned a new trick yesterday....  When I put in the key and go to 
> turn it, it doesnt! This doesnt happen all the time, but you get the idea.
> recommended fixes? Ease of repair?
> Bob

This is your car's way of saying "I don't want anybody but you to drive me."
My 5k and my parents' 2 5ks have this same problem. We actually had the
switch replaced in my mothers car a while back, but eventually it "broke"
again. I don't know if it's the same in a 90, but for some reason the 
ignition switch sticks (I believe because of the steering column lock).
In my case the fix is to jiggle the key back and forth using your thumb
and index finger until it clicks into the on position. It eventually
becomes automatic and you don't notice it until your wife is trying to start
the car for ten minutes or your waiting a half hour for the valet to bring
your car and he finally comes back and hands you the keys and gives you
directions to your car. At one point I squirted a little graphite in the 
keyhole and it freed it up a little (YMMV). My reccommendation is if you
have ~$100 to spare (Yeah, right! Remember I own an Oowwdi), go ahead and 
replace the lock cylindar otherwise just figure out the little twist/jiggle
that will start the car (and beware of valet's). 

Oh, one other thing...get a new key made and it will get easier. I've noticed
that these audi keys tend to tourque and that contributes to "hard starting".


87 5000 

Not so proud owner of two cats, one that rattles under my car and the
new one in the trunk (Neither of them have nor share any opinions).
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