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Re: Keeping them out

On Oct 12, 1995 11:24:15, 'Michael Spiers <mikes@specnet.com>' wrote: 
>Yes yes, but just remember that not only do you have to perform the  
>ritualistic donation to the Audi gods, you also have to perform the
ritualistic ceremony  
>of operating on your beauty.  I've found a 50-50 combination of time
versus money 
>for the parts is far and away the best way to keep the demons at bay!   
>what better way of finding out what the attraction is between dogs and 
>anti-freeze?  (it's quite tasty in small quantities :-) 
Yea, I'm with you on this. My current allocation of time is even lower than
that of money...I just spent 4 days demoing and rebuilding my front steps
and walkway. So I'm sore. Already wrote myself a check for that job. 
Besides, if I were to spend a day upside down in one of my cars, it would
prolly be to install a subwoof or cd player rather than something as
unsatisfying as a replacement heater core...  
Lee M. Levitt