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'93 90 shop manual

Well, the only replies I got to my question about '93 90 shop manuals
were expressions of disbelief that a car that has been out three years
wouldn't have a manual available.  None of the sources I tried panned
out, including Bentley, Haynes, and Clymer.

If anyone can suggest other publishers, please let me know, I will
check them out also.

I had one more thought: what do the Audi mechanics use?  I checked with
the shop foreman at Anderson-Behel in San Jose, he gave me the part 
numbers for the '93 manuals he uses, so the parts guy looked them up.
All were obsolete, nla, youre-out-of-luck numbers.  This for a 3-year
old car.

I'd like to contact someone at Audi about this problem, surely others
have run into it (or will when their cars run out of warranty!).  Anyone
know who to contact, how to get ahold of someone who would be able
to track down the factory manuals for me, etc.?

-Dave Erickson