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Re: 86 5k wagon problems

>My '86 5K wagon seems to have now finally started its slow decent into
>maintenance headaches. (I'm the original owner.) Other than the usual
>hydraulic pump, etc., now things like the cruise control vacuum pump and
>lines are leaking, the rear wiper doesn't work, some of the rear defroster
>lines are open, trim pieces on the doors are coming off. Just little

Your local Auto Parts store should a little kit you can buy to
fix the Rear Defroster.  It's basically Conductive paint with a 
template that you paint on.  Works Great!! Done on it a Saab 900s.

>annoying things. I seem to have made the right sacrfifices to the Audi
>gods over the life of the car such that nothing major has happened other
>than hydraulic pump. I hope they remain satisfied.

Mike L,