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Re: What is this costing me?/Best/cheapest way

Jim wrote:
>Fellow Audiphiles:
>I am fairly new to this world of on-line computing and new to this group (and
>some would say definitely not shy, due to the nature and number of responses
>I have given), so I would like, if possible, to get some feedback re: what is
>the best way to read all this mail? It takes me at least an hour each time
>(day?) to do so, and boy, will that be expensive or what? Should I do it as a
>digest?(digest readers, please comment!) Is there any way for me to download
>it and read it all off-line? I really enjoy this group, and am glad I found
>other Audiphiles, but I'm afraid that this is costing me a small fortune!
>Perhaps that is what it takes, but please, let me know what I am getting
>myself into, and if there is any way to cut down expenses.

Depending on where you are located, there are many "Freenets" around the 
country.  This means that it is a local call and it is free, gratis!  True,
you probably would not get the nice pictures and point and click environment,
but I sure like the cost of it.  If you are interested, email me and I can
give you a couple names of some Freenets in your area (if they exist there).



Joel Richardson