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     Hi David,
     I ran into a similar situation with my '92 100S.  The manual is still 
     not available to date.  If you are willing to take this up with Audi, 
     great (and good luck).
     One thing I discovered was that Audi makes a microfishe for all latest 
     models that can be had for about $30 US.  The trick is that you have 
     to get the part numbers.  The audi service publications company 
     (Diamond distribution, I think) kept telling me that they don't have 
     the fishe for my car.  I spent considerable time on the phone with 
     Audi Cust. Relations, and was able to get a FAX from them, listing all 
     the fishe pages individually.  When I called the dist. company again 
     with those numbers, they finally told me "Oh, that's a complete fishe 
     set that we have - it was listed under a wrong category".  $30 and 
     several days later, I had the fishes in my hands.  However, these 
     fishes are still not very comprehensive, nor complete (some parts of 
     it missing).  Still better than nothing.  It really ticks me off that 
     Audi is not making the effort to publish manuals on time, as most 
     other companies do, like BMW, SAAB, etc.
     So get on the phone, and start begging for part numbers.
     Hope this helps.
     (You should be able to find my note on this subject from May or June 
     in the archives on coimbra)
     Well, the only replies I got to my question about '93 90 shop manuals
     were expressions of disbelief that a car that has been out three years
     wouldn't have a manual available.  None of the sources I tried panned
     out, including Bentley, Haynes, and Clymer.
     - -Dave Erickson