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Re: Acronym fun

>From: Jim Fease
>      Maplewood, MN
>      _______________________________________________________________
>PMFJI, but 1 of the FAQ is all of the TLAs are really a PITA. OTOH, IMHO
>IDK if it's all bad. AFAIK, some people think messages are FUBAR, others
>are LOL about them. The former must have a SOHF. All they have to do is
>RTFM! If they did, they would probably be ROTFL, too. BTW, IMO(FWIW),
>TPTB, AKA Bob, may enjoy them. IANAL, before I get in trouble, I think
>WRT, I better say TTFN and be GD&R ASAP. I don't think I should SWALK on
>the net, so I won't. TIA and YWIA for all the help on this group. It's
>OK! Remember, YMMV.
>FYI, I found this list of TLAs at
>'84 4KSQ = 4 'K'not Super Quick or Killer Super Quick??? Naahh.
>Jim Fease

Geesh, Jim.  Put 'em back where ya gottem from.  :-)

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