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Greasing mid-driveline zerk on 5KCSTQ's

								13 OCT 95
								14:28 EDT

Hi Friends,

	I had my '87 5KCSTQ up on a lift the other day and a mechanic friend of
mine and myself were checking the under carriage as I'm taking a road trip to
Ohio next week. One place my old mechanic(took a job managing a VW service
dept.) could never get at was the universal located in the middle of the
driveshaft. The way it was angled nothing he had could get at it, so we
resigned ourselves to the fact that if it failed we'd just replace it. This new
guy had the same problem with it until he remembered that somewhere in the back 
of his toolchest he had a strange VW needle arrangement that would fit the end 
of a normal grease gun. He found it, and as he held the needle into the zerk I
pumped. Geez, the thing must have never been greased before; it took 8-10 full
pumps before the grease appeared from the seals. I think that's the only zerk
on the whole car and it was impossible to get at it. Don't give up, just find 
someone with the VW needle fitting that fits into the zerk not around it. Grant
ed, it did take two of us and one trick tool, but my piece of mind is much 

					Happy motoring and have a nice weekend,


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