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Re: A8 everywhere but US?

On 12 Oct 95 at 15:54, Bob Kunz wrote:

> > >Several months ago I read about Chinese knock-offs of Jeep Grand 
> > >Wagoneers.  Supposedly they're pieces of junk underneath the 
> > >sheetmetal.  Can you imagine living with such slack trademark laws?  
> > >It seems awfully bizarre to me.
> > 
> > I'm not so sure I'd call these things "knock-offs"
> Actually, I mean't real knockoffs as in not licensed by the owner of the
> trademark (or whatever). I understand that Chrysler and Audi both have plants
> there and that they make legit cars (or jeeps). But it also seems that
> either a few more get produced per shift than the parent company knows
> about or that some sheet metal parts are sold black market and put
> together by someone else. Our host in China clearly indicated that the
> knockoffs were not licensed vehicles.
The point of the article I read about Jeep knock-offs was that, due 
to China's lack of trademark protections, Jeep faced competition from 
companys making vehicles that looked just like Jeep's own products.  
They were not manufactured or licensed by Chrysler, and apparently 
didn't share Chrysler's mechanicals or quality control. It looks like 
Audi has similar imitators...
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