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Re: S4's and S6's

In a message dated 95-10-13 10:07:33 EDT, you write:

>What is the difference between a S4 and a S6?

>From all the math classes I have taken, I would have to guess S2 ???? You
see, there is a pattern here.... A8 minus A2 = A6, A6 minus A2 = A4!! What do
you all think? Looks like 2 is the lowest common denominator. (Jeez, do I
sound like an old math prof or what?) 

I guess we should offer the next riddle? "Why did the Audi cross the road?"

Seriously, I believe the differences are primarily body style, true? Don't
they both have a  20V turbo?

Good (trivia) question. I too will be waiting for the answer.....

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