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No Subject


I have just subscribed to this list. I have previously owned several VW
Transporters (vanagons) upto a 1987 Caravelle. This has been recently traded
for a 1994 Audi 2.0E manual sedan.

The car has one small problem. If starting or stopping the engine in neutral
with the clutch engaged (ie pedal up) there is a loud rattle. This rattle is
also heard when changing gears under load.

The distributers of VW/Audi in Australia claim that the noise is expected and a
result of a design feature. I have seen some documentation regarding this
point. My problem is it is loud and difficult to explain to third parties.

I have previously posted the to the Watercooled VW group, and I was told of a
similiar expreience in a VW Fox.

I would be interested to here from anyone who has noticed a similiar condition
or if it is, in fact, a common occurence.


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