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Re: Spark Plug Wires

>> A recent note asked when to replace plug wires....
>> As mcuh as we all like to do our own work and avoid shops, it's 
>> probably reasonable once every couple of years to have a shop run a 
>> diagnostic on the ignition and charging systems.  Bad wires will show 
>> up there.  The car in question had 200K on it, so I assume it has had 
>> wires, cap, rotor, etc. as applicable to the car.
>While we're on the subject, Mine is approachng 70K, and I was curious if 
>anyone has used wires other than Audi's. Are there aftermarket ones? Are 
>they any good? To replace the ones on the 90 from the dealer, its damn 
>near $225!!!!

After suffering with a power robbing miss under load that was 
progressivley getting worse over the last 6 months I broke down and 
changed my plug wires.  My local auto supply didn't stock them but they 
promised they could get Bosch by the next day. I go to pick them up the 
next day and they say they couldn't get the Bosch and they come out with 
some wires in a Wordparts box that are neon blue but look like good 
quality.  They said they were made by PYB or something of the like who 
they claim are original equipment on Audis (not in neon blue).  So I went 
down the street and ordered Bosch thru someone else and they include a 
replacement wiring rail that the Worldparts one didnt.  I think I payed 
$76.00.   Totally fixed the miss under load so it was money well worth 
spent. Oh by the way my 89 200tqw has 115K on the odo.

Gregg Temkin