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85 Ur-Q Horn Wiring Problem

This should be a simple wiring problem (after all, I trained on the 82 Coupe 
fusebox!) so I must be missing something.

The horns on the 85 Ur-Q were never right since I bought the car 2 years ago.  
Recently I went over a bump, there was a short sound from the horns (odd - 
there shouldn't be any power to the horn unless the relay was energized)  but 
nothing when depressing the steering wheel horn ring.

Checked the horns themselves - one showed no resistance, the other had 
resistance but didn't work.  So replaced both horns.  But depressing the 
steering wheel horn ring did nothing!

The horn relay is number 7.  Jumpering socket 34 (hot) to socket 32 (power to 
horns) makes horns sound.  On the coil side of the relay, the ground is via 
the horn ring.  This circuit checks out from socket 35 - when the horn ring 
is depressed the ground circuit is completed.  So the problem must be the 
power side of the coil.

Relay terminal 33 is connected electrically to 2 pins under the fuse 
panel.  These pins correspond to a black yellow wire and to a brown wire in 
the red connector plug which pushes over the pins.  Both these wires are 

This makes no sense to me and I cannot trace from the Bentley manual where the 
error or fault lies.  Any ideas or assistance would be much appreciated.

Alan Pemberton

85 Ur-Q
82 Coupe
80 Civic