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Crooked Dealer charges?


 RM> I do not have a NEW board for which I paid $301.  I have a REPAIRED
 RM> board. Which, BTW did not solve the problem.  The repairs which were
 RM> done I could have done myself in less than half an hour of actual
 RM> repair time. Diagnostic time?  Well...  Not a clue.

     Well, whatever happened, the Dealer is responsible. But
     similar things have happened at a MB/Porsche/Saab dealer
     where a friend of mine works as a mechanic. Only this
     time it was another mechanic at the dealer that brought
     it to the attention of the service manager.  Seems in 
     this case that the mechanic was "rebuilding" parts 
     himself (usually some black paint or brake cleaner)
     ordering new parts at the parts desk, and putting them
     away in his tool box for later sale or use. He also
     used to keep a ready supply of cores in his trunk just
     so he would have the "old part" just in case. Result
     was that the customer, or the factory was paying for
     the parts/labor of jobs not performed.

     My suggestion in your case would be to make alot of noise
     about this, you mentioned speaking with the service 
     manager, but you should also talk to the tech, and
     see if he remembers the repair. A call to the Audi
     zone rep would also be in order.  Audi will pull
     their franchise in a NY minute if they find 
     things like this happening. Don't be confused into
     thinking this is some public relations thing, it's
     self interest for the manufacturer, because they 
     know if the dealer is pulling this stuff on a 
     customer, it's definitly pulling this stuff on 
     warranty work. 

     I don't know about Audi, but when Porsche found out
     about what was happening at the above dealer, they
     reviewed EVERY warranty repair the dealer had completed
     in the previous 2 years, tore apart replaced cores to
     examine them, and made up a list of "suspect" repair
     vehicles that they want to examine when they come in
     for service work.

 RM> Is it time to go a few rounds with the owner?  Perhaps accompanied by
 RM> my attorney?  If I do this I wonder if I dare ever take my car in there
 RM> again. Then again, maybe they'd be afraid to screw me again.

     Forget the attorney, unless of course he'll work pro-bono,
     you've already been screwed once.......

     If it were me (very hypothetically, since I'd rather have
     teeth pulled without novacaine than go to a dealer) I would
     make the service manager and his superior aware of the
     steps you're willing to take if you don't get satisfaction.
     (Zone rep etc.)  Knowing the name and title of those you're
     going to contact might make them take you more seriously.

     Good Luck, and keep us posted.


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