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Re: Plug wires for how long?

On Oct 16,  3:05pm, ptimmerm@mashtun.jpl.nasa.gov wrote:
> Subject: Re: Plug wires for how long?
> I think my service manual for my early cars "82-"84
> is from 7K-ohms to 12K-ohms.  I don't know what "almost
> open" means to you, but they are supposed to be fairly
> high resistance.  The turbo cars come with 60kv and 90kv
> coils, making high resistance wires not look so high.
> paul t-
>-- End of excerpt from ptimmerm@mashtun.jpl.nasa.gov

	In my case, it was open to the resolution limit of
	my (admittedly cheap!) multimeter, which can measure
	a couple of megohms without too much trouble.
	Probably a break in the conductor that the spark had no
	trouble jumping ...


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