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Re: V8 Quattro

>I purchased a 90 V8 Q last year, and I have been very satified with the car.
> However, I think that a few extra horsepower would be beneficial to such a
>heavy auto.  I have looked for solutions and have only found ads in Autoweek
>for computer chip modifications.  Does anyone know of a source of information
>on V8 Q performance modifications?

Contact Intended Acceleration in Olympia, WA.  I don't know what Ned will
have for your car, but you can depend on what he tells you.  The phone
number is available as part of a parts supplier FAQ available from majordomo.

Send mail to:
with the following message:
        index quattro

The index will tell you what's available.  The help will tell you how to get
it.  The end stops majordomo from attempting to execute "commands" in your
.sig file.

>Also, the only problem that I have had with the car is a malfunctioning
>diagnostic system ( the box in the center of the instrument cluster).  The
>warnings go off intermittantly and the dealership said that the entire
>intrument cluster would need to be replaced to correct the problem.  This is
>a very expensive repair.  Has anyone had a similar problem or kow of a
>possible alternative solution?

Don't let 'em take yer money without a fight.  :-)  Basically, the Audi folk
don't have a clue when it comes to their own electronic gadgetry.  Their
solution is to pull the whole thing and start over with new (read damnably
expensive) parts.

Pull the cluster out and clean contacts on all the connectors.  Put
everything back together and see what happens.  Be careful that the
connectors go back together properly.  Don't - repeat - don't bend any pins
over.  Problems of the sort you describe often result from poor contacts.
Cleaning them often helps.  If the first cleaning doesn't help, try it again.

If your V8 is anything like my '89 200TQ, the IC removes by removing three
screws from the bottom of the trim piece across the bottom front of the IC.
This exposes three(4?) more screws.  Remove them and the IC should tilt
toward you and can be wiggled out toward the passenger side of the car.  Oh.
You also will probably have to remove the top half of the cover for the
switch cluster on the steering column to get at some of these last screws.
The two Phillips screws can be reached from underneath the steering column
through two access holes in the bottom half of the cover.  

It might make the job a bit easier to remove the steering wheel.  It does in
my car.  I can remove the IC without removing the wheel but removing it does
make the job a little easier.

After the cluster is out you will see several screws to remove in order to
expose some of the internal connectors which are the ones most likely to
need your attentions.

Good luck.

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