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RE: SmartMarks/Bulletins (fwd)

I'm all for expansion, but I agree with the sheer volume problem.  I was going to drop out because of this.  

Subcategories work well.  I'm all for that idea.
Perhaps a short explanation of digests would help too.  That might be the answer for me, but I don't know enough about the internet to navigate through all this stuff.  I bet therre are a lot of other Audi people who are novices at surfing too.

Hey...thanks for all the work. It's great!!


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In a message dated 95-10-16 18:29:25 EDT, you write:

>Hey! Check this out folks! Seems we'll be listed in the netscape 
>smartmarks!  What do you think, should we do it or not. You guys have the 
>final vote, let me know.  Dan, I would assume you got the message as 
>well... YOu going to do it?

That's a tough one. By doing so, do we run the risk of getting so many new
subscribers that we won't be able to handle it? I thought I saw something
that said the Porsche group gets about 150 - 200 pieces of mail per day? Is
that true? If so, WOW!!! It also said that most new subscribers unsubscribe
because they are overwhelmed by the volume. Do you think we will end up the
same way?

I am all for growth. And if I had to vote, I'd say "yes". We should make this
available for others, because that is what we are here for. We would be doing
ourselves a disservice by limiting our growth. There are most likely many
other Audiphiles that can help us out, and likewise, we can help them. It's a
win-win situation.

If we start to get inundated with mail, I guess we will have to make changes
to handle the growth. How about having subcategories to subscribe to (ie.
general forum, engine forum, drivetrain forum, etc...)? Just a thought!

How do the Porschephiles do it?( Do they all hire someone to screen their
mail ((and wash and wax their cars, change the oil, do some

Hmmmm, what is the minimum wage?

Go for it. But be prepared for lots of mail?

                    Jim Griffin
                     92 100S

"A ccelerate U nless D eath is I mminent