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Re: Windshield Logo

*** Resending note of 10/17/95 13:02
From: Jim Fease
      Maplewood, MN
Subject: Re: Windshield Logo
>At 10:09 PM 10/17/95, Mike Des Chenes wrote:
>>a perfect copy of the logo cut out of white (he can use any color) vinyl. It
>>looks grea on my 200 TQ!! If anyone is interested he said he could do them
>>for $30.00 each. I'll try and take a photo to put up for downloading.
>I believe these decals are already available from Buffam (???) in Florida
>for about the same price.  I can try and find details if anyone is
>interested...but then again, if someone else knows for sure, please speak
I think the Anderson Bros in Chanhassen can get them. There were cars at
the Brainerd event that got theirs there.
'84 4KSQ - 160K Not real fast, not real slow, just kinda half-fast.