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Re: free dealer "clinic"

> The local dealer (Jack Daniels Audi, Fair Lawn NJ) is offering a free "Fall 
> Service Clinic" advertised as a "57 point maintenance and safety check".  
> Is this a gimmick or what?  Do other Audi dealers do this?  Has anyone gone to 
> one of these?  Is it worth the bother?

It's always worth it.  If they are nice, they'll let you go under the 
car and have the mechanic point things out.  Then you get a printed
list to repairs, along with an estimate of what it will cost to
fix them, and that's it.  Some customers will just receive a call
from the dealer while the car is being looked at or while they
are waiting, and say "go ahead and fix it since you've got it."

In my case, they said I was due for a tuneup.  I asked them how they
determined that since the belts, plugs, etc were new and the air
filter is hard to get at (it's a K&N anyway)...

I thank them for the list and go on my merry way, fix the stuff myself
or go to my independent guy if it's really bad.

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