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Re: Demons in the wheel

> The problem is shaking in the steering wheel and front end,
> sometimes violent. It only happens when the ambient temp.
> is in the mid-50s and the car is cold (i.e. left overnight
> or all day). The shaking only manifests itself if I drive
> at a steady speed betweem 55-60MPH. After 30 sec. or so at
> such a speed, the steering wheel and front end begin to shake
> and ocilate violently. The symptoms pass after a minute or
> so, or if I slow down or speed up. Once the car is warm, it
> exhibits no symptoms. 
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> Has anyone *ever* seem anything like this? Any ideas where to
> start looking? HELP!
I don't know if your car has a steering damper, but if it does
you might want to look into that.  The problem I had with mine
appeared only under acceleration though.

Steve Buchholz
San Jose,CA (USA)