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A large apology (with reservations)

I am the person responsible for the many Dave Barry columns, and I apologize
for what happened.  It was not intentional, and was only indirectly my fault.
 For starting the whole process, I apologize.
Here's what happened:  We got a new gateway where I work and after several
successful email send and receives, I thought I'd try something to quattro.
 There was a discussion at the time about rude truck drivers and I thought
this would be somewhat appropriate.  So I mailed it.  Almost TWO weeks ago!
 I assumed it was lost in the ether and simply got gobbled up like all our
email used to.  Little did I know that it was reproducing somewhere in the
dark recesses of the Internet and plotting fiendishly.  Yesterday, its plot
was hatched, much to everyone's chagrin.  Actually, I got it twice.  Once on
quattro and 3 of them got echoed back to me at work.  Go figure!

I've learned several lessons here:
1) NEVER listen to anything our MIS department tells us.  In fact, I'll be
safe and do the exact opposite, as Dilbert has tried to teach us.
2) NEVER send email to the Internet from work.  Period.  (This is why I use
AOL.  It's cheap and reliable.  And has lots of pretty colors.)